Thursday, 1 May 2008

Who are you?


Something happened last night... I was going to make some ATCs for the 'Different fabrics' ATC swap that I signed up for. I played with my Angelina fibres (I love Angelina!), made a nice piece with all the coulours in my starters kit ;-) and found a beautiful non-cotton fabric to sew it on. First fused this to a piece of Fast-2-Fuse, that I always use for ATCs and postcards. Glued the Angelina sheet on it and at that point decided it looked much too good to cut up in 6 different pieces... Started to wonder then if I was creating my very first art quilt?! (although Margeeth said the bird quilts are art quilts as well!)

Started to stitch the Angelina on with invisible thread - that didn't turn out as I had thought it would, but as I stitched it became something that reminded me of a face...
Asked DH what he thought of it, but he didn't know - as I should have known! :-))

So - I decided to turn it into a face! I pinned a nappy liner on top (still have lots from when my boys wore cloth diapers!) and drew a face on it. Stitched the face on with the invisible thread, peeled the nappy liner off... and then it was time to go to bed :-(.

It still looked good in the morning! I asked Hugo (5 years old and the most creative person in this house) what he thought of it and he said 'Beautiful!' :-)
(Ernst (3) said 'It's a knight!' I had thought it was a woman)

I haven't sewn the beads on the eyes yet, but have decided that I will do that. Am still thinking if I will sew on beads or couch a glittery thread on the sides of the head to make hair. And can't wait to get on with it tonight!

Wow, this is cool, getting caught in a creative flow! Please let me know what you think of it, if you read this. I long for some feedback once in a while - which is why I started this blog, but there haven't been much comments lately. Maybe I should comment more on other people's blogs! (I will, I promise!)


Dianne said...

I would love to comment Linda. This is a really impressive art quilt. Well done. You obviously just let your creative juices flow. Cheers Di in Toowoomba

Julie said...

Hi Linda, The face reminds me of Maid Marion, so perhaps your son and I have the same era in mind? Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Your face looks lovely can't wait to see it beads and all.
I think it looks like a woman.
Well done

Lindi said...

I'm in the same time frame as your son, too. I immediately thought of a Medieval woamn with one of those head piece veil thingys.
It looks great! It's fun just allowing the creative juices to flow and going with it. Creative playing, I call it.

Faye said...

Hi Linda, Your Blog is a great read... Love all your ATCs and postcards. Oh, & welcome to Australia...
cheers - Faye

aykayem said...

Looks good!
Maybe SHE is a knight in shining armour?
... actually - I think I see someone trapped (in their computer? or their job/life?) but their colours are shining through brightly ... or something like that - LOL
(hmmm - maybe instead of doing something for hair, you could decorate the area around the face by sewing on a collection of computer bits or something? ... or just leave it as it is?)
disorganised in Dunlop (a suburb of Canberra)