Sunday, 18 May 2008

Online art quilt group

As I said in the last posting, I find myself drifting towards art quilts. I have been following the blogs of Twelve by twelve and Art for 12 for quite a while now, and wishing I belonged to a group like that to develop myself (2QAQ is lots of fun, but too big to really work on projects together).

So... why not start one myself? I asked Corryna, Caitlin and Sue, who all said they would love to join such a group, and mentioned it on a Dutch and an Australian quilters mailinglist - and now there's 10 of us already! We would like to get started with 12 persons, so if you read this and would like to be a part of it too, please send me an email.

As every participant in the ATC 'Cities' swap has received mine, I can show it here now:


(it's a map of Brisbane...) I rather like it myself :-) and am now thinking of making something like this in a larger size.

Thanks for your birthday wishes on my last posting! I will keep the contest open for 1 week, so if you would like a fiber postcard send to your home (wherever that is), comment on Q's
and who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky one...

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Anonymous said...

Let me know when you set up the group's online presence and I will add your blog/website to the "Friends of Twelve by Twelve" listing in our blog side bar.