Sunday, 3 June 2007

Bob and bag

Yesterday I went to a quilt show in Aspley and saw some very beautiful quilts. Noticed again that I am always attracted to purple and green quilts (like my own first quilt!).
I also met some very nice people (among them a lady originally from The Netherlands, who had made the purple and green log cabin that I liked so much! Maybe it's a Dutch thing?) and bought some chenille to add to the flannel quilt I am going to make (a tip from someone at the QDU mailinglist).

I forgot to tell in my last posting that when I was cutting the fabric for the Dutch quilt, Hugo (my 4 year old son) was sitting next to me drawing. He said, 'When I'm grown up I can work with fabrics too'. I said, 'Yes, and will you make a quilt as well then?'
He answered, 'Yes, a Bob the Builder quilt'! :-)
Hmm, maybe in a little while we can make something together! (that would be very nice!)

Oh, and some very good news: I signed up for a bag making class at The Quilters Corner in Keperra on June 22nd!!! My first class ever, I'm looking forward to it sooooo much!

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Anonymous said...

I think Spotlight might have had some Bob the Builder fabrics... how very cool, to raise another quilter!