Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Back in business!

Our goods from The Netherlands finally arrived last week and it was wonderful to see my fabrics again! As a farewell present the ladies of my Dutch bee have given me a stash of red, blue, white and orange (the Dutch national colours) fabrics and I have immediately started to create a little quilt out of those. Today I finished the top:

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I think I will make it into a pillowcase, as the ones we have (bought at the local shopping mall) are already starting to fall apart and this one will suit our couch very nicely.

I am also designing a baby quilt, but will say no more about that, as the baby's mother will probably read this blog and I want it to be a surprise...

Of course the alphabet quilt is waiting as well, and I found the fabric for Wendy Vosters' playquilt that I was going to make for Ernst...

What am I doing sitting here at my computer? Let's get quilting! :-)

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