Thursday, 17 May 2007

Kaffe Fassett

Yesterday I discovered that Kaffe Fassett is coming to Brisbane in June! Yes!!!
I rang first thing this morning and got a ticket for his lecture on June 12th (the workshop was already sold out, but I wouldn't have been able to join it anyway). Wow, I'm so excited!

I finished piecing the emu last night; only have to embroider an eye on it. I'll start on the kookaburra (or the koala, still not sure) next week, after our camping trip to Moreton Island this weekend.

Thanks for the comments on my last posting. The nightingale is a very nice idea, I'll see if I can find a pattern - or design it myself, perhaps? I want to design a yak as well...


Judith said...

How great that he (I thught he was a she) is coming. About the SBC quilt, here at the shop they had a ABC quilt and had done for all letters a few things, also animals, but also things, like the a for aap, appel, etc. I have to admit the quilt looked great at the end.

Anonymous said...

HA Linda,

hoe gaat íe?
Ik vind die Velociraptor helemaal neit zo gek en je boefjes waarschijnlijk ook niet.... Zal over die andere letters nog eens nadenken.


Nicole & Phil said...

lucky you...I love Kaffe Fasset's work.....I wish I could join you!
you can add my blog to your links as well! thanks