Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Yesterday I went to Kaffe Fassett's lecture at St Lucia. It was great fun. He is very entertaining and although I do not like everything he does (don't care much for his knitting and needlepoint) he has a wonderful feeling for colour. Bought his V&A book (and had it signed) and some fat quarters for the rosy quilt I am going to make one day. Got home really inspired!

Last weekend I finished the top of the baby quilt and I am quite happy with it! It's called Flanello; that should ring a bell here and there! (though not with the baby's mother, I trust). Can't go on now as I have to buy batting and backing, which I will do this weekend when I am going to look for a bag pattern for my workshop next week!

And meanwhile another baby was born, so another quilt to make! The alphabet quilt is waiting as well, but I have found a job and need to make some arrangements for the childcare etc... Guess there won't be much time for quilting in the next few months (years...) but, well, I've the rest of my life ahead of me, haven't I?

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