Friday, 18 June 2010

This and that

I've finished the top for the Art Quilts Around the World challenge and sent it off to Melbourne. Time for a new project! Yesterday I took one of my bicycle prints and added the shadow with a paint stick. That has to dry now for 2 days, so I took a try out piece of painted and quilted fabric that has been laying here for months (since October, acutally - I posted it here when I had just painted it) and made it into a new case for my sunglasses:

I just saw that my Robot Calligram fabric won the 6th place in the fabric contest at Spoonflower - out of 116 entries, that's not bad, is it! Thanks to everyone who voted for me, I appreciate it! Next week the contest theme is Nautical - I might design something for that...

And finally, here is a very amusing video that I found on a gymnastics blog (no, it's not about gymnastics). Go and have look, you'll love it!

I wish they had one of those slides at Brisbane Central Station!


Jackie said...

congrats on your win! That is great.
And thanks for the video, how uplifting.

Margeeth said...

Funny how some people actually look shocked to see other people using the slide (the old lady who put her hand in front of her mouth).
We could certainly use something like this in Utrecht (where I work). I don't know how many times I have just missed my bus because of people blocking the escalator (? roltrap) by standing on it next to each other (annoyance nr 1).