Saturday, 10 March 2018


Not much to tell - I'm still making blue diamonds to add another round to the Lone Star. I have done 30 now, 24 more to go! On a very good day I make five or six, but usually only two or three, so it takes a while.
Still loving these blues - they really are my colours :-)

A while ago I ordered this book by Amanda Perkins:

I discovered her work on Ravelry a while ago and loved it, especially her Severn Sea blanket and Zigzag Crochet Blanket. In her book I read that she used to make patchwork quilts and art quilts, which may be what appeals to me in her work! The book includes 10 patterns but Amanda encourages the reader to create something unique with the block patterns she provides, rather than merely copying her blankets. It has useful chapters on colour, equipment and techniques, and is full of gorgeous colour photos. I'm finding it a great source of inspiration and can highly recommend it!

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Robbie said...

Book looks quite interesting! Didn't know Amanda used to create art quilts. How her patterns and color she uses. I only knit but love seeing your crochet pieces! Blues are beautiful!