Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Camera strap cover

On my birthday in September I got a new DSLR camera (I love taking photos - on my photo blog you can see some of them). The camera is great, much better than my old one, but I found the strap very uncomfortable. So I grabbed some scrap yarn and whipped up a cover.

I wanted it to be finished quickly, so used large stitches (UK double treble /US triple crochet).

I sewed the long edges together and slipped the cover over the strap.

With that and the Pineapple Bag done it was time to catch up with the Mayan CAL. I showed you my Part 1 here. I did Part 2 on the day it was published:

Part 3 came out last week. I worked on it yesterday for quite a few hours (had to frog a whole round, boohoo) and finished it this morning - just in time, as Part 4 was released today.

Working on Part 4 now, so to be continued. Really enjoying this Crochet-A-Long - I'm learning so much!

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