Thursday, 16 March 2017

T-shirt yarn project finished... at last!

Finally! The t-shirt yarn project I started back in July is finished!

I found the pattern for the cabled cushion cover on a Dutch blog and used yarn made from old white t-shirts to knit the first piece, on the left in the photo above (click here for my tutorial on how to make continuous t-shirt yarn). I had so much trouble finding more white t-shirts that in the end I just bought some white t-shirt fabric (single-knit jersey) and cut it up to make more yarn. Unfortunately this turned out to be much thicker, so I adjusted the pattern and made the second piece.

The second side looks to be much smaller than the first, but of course t-shirt yarn is very stretchy, so I had no problem sewing them together to make the cover:

Very happy with the result - and very happy that it is finished. Knitting with t-shirt yarn is hard work!

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