Thursday, 19 January 2017

Physalis scarf

With the Australian Open (tennis) currently on, I am getting a lot of knitting done! The other day I finished my Physalis scarf. I love the pattern (by Anna Kuduja, available for free on Ravelry) - it looks complicated but is actually very easy. Very happy with the scarf as well :-)

Now I have picked up my Baby Blocks blanket again. It's about two-thirds done, but progressing very slowly. The baby I had originally intended it for was born in November, I gave her the Lone Star Baby Quilt instead ;-)

I have also started a new quilt! Can't show it here yet, but it's very exciting to finally work on an art quilt again. I needed some fabric for it so searched for my local quilt shop and found it in Daydream Street; how appropriate is that?!

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