Friday, 6 January 2017

Hold the door

When we moved into the new house, it soon became clear that we really needed  some doorstops - there are a few doors that just don't want to stay open.

In the first weeks we used whatever was on hand to prop them open, but a more permanent solution was called for. Of course you can buy one of those ugly wooden wedges, but why not use some stash fabric and make a nice one?

For the first one I grabbed the cow fabric that I bought in Holland in 2012 and used in 2014 to re-upholster an op shop ottoman.

For the second one I dug up the scraps of fabric left over from the Dutch vintage post bags that I used to make messenger bags for myself and two friends in the Netherlands.

I filled the doorstops with some cat litter (clay) and topped it up with scraps of quilt batting.

The hardest part was hand-sewing the last seam closed!

But I'm really happy with these two small projects. I had hoped to start on an art quilt this week, but didn't have the fabric I needed in my stash. In Brisbane I could cycle to at least three different fabric shops, but here they are all quite a bit further away! I've ordered some fabric online and hope to start on the quilt next week.

In the meantime I am still knitting my Physalis scarf. The Australian summer of tennis has started, so it's progressing steadily!

PS The title is a reference to the sixth season of Game of Thrones, that we finally got to watch! (we've had the DVD for months, but the DVD player was in storage!)

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