Sunday, 4 September 2016

Quilting again: half-square triangles

Finally I am quilting again! I've made a top with lots and lots of white and aqua half-square triangles and have almost finished quilting it. I'll show it here when it is completely done, which should be in the next few days.

This might be my last quilt for a while, as we have some busy times ahead of us. My husband has found a new job in Sydney and will start in January. We plan to move in December, when the kids have finished the school year, but unfortunately the lease on our current house ends in November and we have been asked to vacate it at that time. A friendly request to extend the lease with a few weeks was denied, so it looks like we'll have to find a short-term rental place and store our furniture until we move to Sydney. Very inconvenient and quite stressful, but I'm sure we'll manage...

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