Tuesday, 19 April 2016

State Champion on Pommel Horse!

No sewing or quilting updates today, just the very happy news that my eldest son competed at the Queensland State Championships over the weekend and became the State Champion in his age level (8 Under 14) on his best apparatus, pommel horse. He won bronze on floor, rings, parallel bars and high bar, and came third overall. Here he is at the end of the second day of competitions, tired but very happy!

He will represent Queensland again at the National Championships in Melbourne in May. I have already booked my flights and a B&B, and am looking forward to another trip to Melbourne, my favourite city in Australia!

I showed his pommel routine from the Regional Championships two weeks ago, so here is a video of his rings routine. His score was 9.3, the second best score in his level on this apparatus. Unfortunately his routine on the second day did not go so well, so he just missed out on the silver medal on rings. But look at that dismount!

Very proud mum here :-)

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Wow, that dismount is fabulous. His toes straightened out in that handstand so perfectly-what a routine. Thanks for sharing the videos.

When I was in junior high in the (very) early 70s girls were permitted to do the still rings and I can remember doing a routine that included a somersault that had me up to my hips in the rings and then going around !~! It was a great apparatus to play on. I love watching gymnastics; they and swimming/diving are my favorite sports to spectate.