Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Big Gymnastics Cushion, inspired by Mondrian

After the Big Doctor Who Cushion for my youngest son and the Big Dragon Cushion for my middle son, of course I had to make a Big Cushion (26'' / 66cm square) for my eldest son as well. He wanted a gymnastics cushion, so I used fabrics from my Gymnasts Collection on Spoonflower, in a Mondrian-inspired layout. I pieced and quilted it (simply in the ditch) with black Aurifil thread.

Hugo himself hasn't seen the finished cushion yet, because he is still at... gymnastics training (where else!). But it's waiting for him in his room, on the couch with the Aussie Quilt I made for his 6th birthday, under the Fly Away wallhanging I made in 2014.

Competition season has just started for Hugo (13) - on Saturday he had his first competition, the Senior Regional Championships, in his new Level, 8 Under 14. He did very well: passed his Level Test, won a gold medal (on pommel horse, his best apparatus), two silver and three bronze, and came third overall. The Senior State Championships are on April 15-16th, but he has already secured a place on the Queensland State Team that will compete at the National Championships in Melbourne in May. So proud of my boy, who has worked very hard to get here!

He is holding his Level 8 badge, which I have sewn onto his gymnastics bag, made from the same fabrics as the cushion:

Here is his golden pommel routine:


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Excellent routine-well done-lots of toes pointed and high kicks over the horse !~! Gymnastics are my favorite indoor sport and your son is doing really really well on that pommel horse. Perhaps one day we will see him in an international competition; I would recognize the name Robertus immediately after reading your blog all these years, Linda.

The pillow is fantastic. We are painting our new automobile in the style of Mondrian so your pillow is dear to my heart. Fabulous design. The wall hanging is gorgeous too. And of course the quilt.

Charlotte Scott said...

Well done Hugo! Looking pretty good! And I love the pillow, I'm sure he did as well.