Tuesday, 13 October 2015


You may remember that a while ago I mentioned that I was making a quilt using Marimekko fabrics - more specifically the iconic Unikko (Poppy) design in different colourways. Well, here it is!

As you can see, it's another Lone Star - I loved making the red and white one and I'm not done yet with Lone Stars! For this quilt I used much larger diamonds to showcase the fabrics, and I added 1 inch white sashing strips.

While working on it I jokingly called the quilt Starimekko, and the name stuck...

I quilted it in a similar way to the other Lone Star quilt, using straight lines, although this time not in the ditch but about 1 inch from the seams on each side. Quilting most certainly is not my favourite part of the quiltmaking process...

The binding is made from yet another Unikko fabric (as shown here):

The back of the quilt is a large-scale Marimekko fabric called Hetkiä (Moments), designed by Maija Louekari. I like it almost as much as the front!

Starimekko is 68 inch /172.5 cm square. Here it is on our bed - such a happy and colourful quilt, don't you think?

I am planning to make a small wall hanging with the scraps and the selvedges of the Marimekko fabrics, so stay tuned!


Inge Slaats said...

Wat een leuke, vrolijke quilt, Linda. Mooi zo op jullie bed, de achterkant vind ik ook geweldig.
Van Marimekko heb ik nog nooit gehoord. Weer wat geleerd. Ik ga even googlen, vind het leuk om er iets meer van te weten.


Charlotte Scott said...

So beautiful! And the back is stunning, that was an inspired choice.