Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Colouring in

Have you succumbed to the latest fad yet - colouring-in books for adults? I came across this book the other day and couldn't resist it: Fantastic Cities by Canadian artist Steve McDonald.

It's filled with gorgeous drawings of cities all over the world - Amsterdam, Melbourne, Paris, New York, Tokyo, you name it. There are also some mandalas created from the citiscapes. I can see myself spending quilte a few hours immersed in this book!

I've just finished a large quilt (will show it here soon) and as always after a big project I felt like making some small items. I had just sold a few pencil rolls to my first customer from Russia (!) so decided to make some new ones to add to my Etsy shop. One from this funky transport fabric:

And two from beautiful Aboriginal fabrics:

They would make a great gift for someone who loves colouring in!

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Yes, I did succumb and I am loving it. I color at night as a way to unwind before I go to sleep-no backlighting on these pages and eye-hand coordination practice always benefits us. I ordered flair tip markers, watercolor pencils and a 48-pack of gel pens which have been my favorite. I began printing a few pics offline and then a friend bought me a coloring book as a belated birthday gift and I have really enjoyed the higher quality paper that it contains.

Lovely fun, quiet, focused, pretty to look at and I have thought of many uses for the pieces already: wrapping paper, collage elements, greeting cards, wall and fridge art, gifts-framed or not...