Saturday, 2 May 2015

Upcycled cushion

Yesterday was an extremely wet day here in Brisbane. I was lucky to be able to stay at home for most of the day and play with fabric. In a corner of my sewing room I found this upholstery fabric sample book that I bought at Reverse Garbage one? two? years ago and with it I made a patchwork cushion. The fabric is a faux suede, so the cushion is very soft.

For the back I used the remaining scraps plus some other samples. The newspaper fabric is from an op shop skirt - I also used it for the Cadet Cap.

I stuffed the cushion with scraps of batting - I always save the strips of batting that are cut off after sandwiching a quilt, and the leftover pieces from a roll:

I spend quite a bit of time cutting them up in small pieces:

I had planned to take the cushion to Reverse Garbage and put it up for sale in their gift shop, but it looks so good on our new couch that I decided to keep it. The boys really like it too :-)

I have a few more sample books, so may make some more cushions!

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