Friday, 29 May 2015

Melbourne and more

This blog has been neglected for a while as I have been away, to Melbourne, where my eldest son competed in the Australian Gymnastics Championships last week. Sadly he was sick on the day his team flew to Melbourne (Sunday May 17th), so he couldn't go there until Tuesday, on the eve of his first competition. He did compete on Wednesday and Friday, but not surprisingly didn't do as well as he had hoped. However, his team won gold, so that was great, and I am just glad that he did not have to miss out on the whole experience.

Of course I was there to cheer for him and his teammates! And when I wasn't at the Arena I strolled around in Richmond...

and in the City. I love Melbourne! I made lots of photos, you can see some of them on my photo blog.

Back in Brisbane I finally got to go to Reverse Garbage again and scored these fabulous fabric sample books. Stay tuned for what they will turn into...

First I have to finish this project though:

Yes, I know it's only May!

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Meg said...

Melbourne is a lovely place - I fell in love with it many, many years ago when I lived there for 6 months on a training course. I still always enjoy wandering around there. Have you been to L'ucello? It's a marvelous little vintage haberdashery store on the 2nd floor of the Nicholas Building at 37 Swanston. Has some lovely fabric and other bits and pieces as well. And there is also a terrific secondhand (vintage) clothing store (Retrostar?) in the building as well as an equally terrific "secondhand"(vintage :)) store, which I think is one floor up from L'ucello. Found some great old fabric there.
Fantastic places!
I should also say - congratulations and well done to your son, despite the difficulty of being ill for part of the time. He is doing very well indeed!