Saturday, 8 February 2014


Remember the cow fabric I bought in Holland in 2012? I finally used it - to re-upholster an ottoman I bought at the op shop a while ago.

We have just redecorated the boys' room - I used blackboard paint for the new but boring white wardrobe, and the cow ottoman (or Minecraft cow) goes very well with it:

The antique sewing machine I bought last year now has a good spot under the MAGnificence quilt. My antique quilts are showcased on the table.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Linda. Cool fabric and ottoman--very fun! I'm liking your old sewing machine as well...
best, nadia

Charlotte Scott said...

and I spot a BTSS quilt on the end of the bookshelf? I love the colours in that one so much. said...

Hi , Linda !!!!! I love your creations !!! Your ottoman is so cute !!!!
My post today may interest you - I am giving the link to your blog.
I have put a photo of a burlap mobile phone case made by you - I do hope you don't mind !!! If you do , tell me and I will remove it immediately.
Best wishes