Friday, 27 July 2012


Here I am again, back in Brisbane already - I had hoped to blog some from Europe, but it didn't happen...We had a great but very busy time, I'm glad to be home and rest!

The highlight of the trip for me were the 5 days DH and I spent in Zürich, Switzerland, where he had a conference. It is a very old, very beautiful city and I took hundreds of photos. There are a lot on my photo blog (including photos of some interesting patterns I found on the streets!), but here are some more that I really want to show you.

I loved the houses in Zürich, and the ones above are my favourites. How about a fabric design Swiss Houses?? Below is a detail:

Quite a few houses had interesting details:

Seen in a gallery, made by Verena Vanoli, from bicycle tubes:

How cute is this?

Near our hotel:

Details of the Grossmünster church:

In a back street:

At night:

Tomorrow I wil show you the treasures I brought home from Europe!

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Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

The Grossmünster church windows are remarkable. I was surprised that such modern artworks were put into such an old church.
Looking forward to some Swiss house designs!