Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Quilting magazines from around the world

One of the things I really like to do in another country is buy a quilting magazine! In the Netherlands I bought this one, Quilt & zo (Quilt etcetera), which had a lovely quilt made by my friend Petra on the cover and an article about Dijanne Cevaal inside! It has a mix of traditional and contemporary/art quilting articles.

In Switzerland I bought this German magazine (couldn't find any Swiss ones), Patchwork Professional, which claims to be for professionals and advanced quilters.

And indeed, it didn't have any articles about quilts to make, but technique articles and lots of profiles of professional quilters; among them Maria Elkins and Paula Chung, but also about this German artist:

... and about Russian artist Tanja Rottger - nice to read about people from outside the English-speaking world. No traditional quilts to be found in here. Just the sort of magazine I love!

And then we came home and I found my favourite Australian magazine in our mailbox. It's always fun to see your own article in print:

Robbie was thrilled to see himself in a magazine! ;-) (his brothers were a little jealous..) I was thrilled to see so many of my quilts in a magazine!

Which magazine is your favourite?


A3jana said...

Wat onrzettend leuk om zoveel van jouw quilts in een blad te zien! Je mag er met recht trots op zijn! Je bent in korte tijd al erg bekend geworden ;-)met jouw mooie en aparte quilts!
De Quilt & zo ben ik op geabbonneerd, is een erg leuk blad.
groeten van Adrie

Aart said...

Quilt en Zo koop ik los, maar de Patchwork Proffesional is in Arnhem ook te koop en behoort tot mijn favorieten.
Leuk om jezelf en je werk terug te vinden in een tijdschrift.

meta said...

I love Patchwork Professional as well.Quilt en Zo is a little too traditional for me, but there's always an article featuring an artquilter, so that's nice to read.