Thursday, 5 April 2012

Etsy Shop Feature: Vividplease

Penny Bag

Today in my Etsy series I'm featuring Vividplease, a very funky shop. They are based in Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities. Read all about them here!

Who is behind Vividplease?
Vivid are a creative duo living in Edinburgh, Scotland. We met whilst working together at an advertising agency and started making things when we found it difficult to get what we wanted in the shops. We then started up our blog and opened our online shop when we realized others liked what we do and felt the same way.

Ice Cream Van Photo

Tell us about your work process
Unlike many Etsy shops, we offer a wide variety of products. We sell illustrated prints and retro photographs, cards and note pads, engraved pencils, tote bags, lunch bags and have just started making accessories too. As we do a little bit of everything, there is no specific process that we use. Our concepts are the consistency though our work as you will see a lot of cheeky double entendres and a kitsch twist in everything we do. We find we come up with the ideas quite easily, then we get itchy feet and run off to make it as quickly as we can. I can't concentrate until the idea is on paper, then get really excited and don't do anything else until it is made! We probably spend more time on the promoting and marketing side of things as we make so many different things, but we don't mind though as we love what we do!

Hello Pips Brooch

Where do you get your ideas from?
We find a lot of our ideas come from our daily lives. We love markets and car boot sales so you will often find us rummaging across our inspirations. We are both avid collectors so take a lot of inspiration from the characters and items we find. You can't really come up with good ideas when you are sitting there trying to come up with one, so when we get stuck we like to get out and forget about everything. Getting the banter with friends and singing along to Elton John always works a treat!

You're So My Type Print

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
We love vintage things, so thrifting is pretty important to us. I'm going through a bit of a nesting period so hunting down treasures for my apartment takes up a lot of my time! We also love to travel about the UK as it is full of hidden gems. We recently went to Blackpool and had the time of our lives! Music is also important to us and we have just picked up tickets to a festival in August. Having things to look forward to is the best feeling in the world.

Geek Stationery Set

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Vivid said...

Thanks so much for having us! It looks fab :D
Just to let you know we are also running a giveaway this month too:
Happy Thursday xx

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Gotta go check them out!