Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hong Kong

Yesterday I came back from a short trip (4 days) to Hong Kong. I was at a TB conference which was very interesting and took up most of my time, but I had a few opportunities to do some sightseeing. Of course I took my camera; here are a few of my favourite photos.

Taken on the ferry from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon:

Statue in Kowloon:

Taken on a sampan in Aberdeen Harbour:

A building in the street next to my hotel, in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island:

And a close-up:

Hong Kong is called the most vertical city in the world and it's not hard to see why:

Spotted during a sightseeing tour in Hong Kong Island:

Me taking photos ;-):

A stall at Stanley Street Market, selling not the usual standard stuff but quirky handmade things:

I bought this creature; it suits my new bag very well! The gorgeous silk shawl was also bought at this market. I think turquoise is my favourite colour at the moment.

Hong Kong is a vibrant, inspiring city, but it's also very crowded and polluted. And of course it is summer there now, so it was very hot and humid. I had a great time but was happy to be back in clean, green Brisbane on a sunny winter's day!

I hope to finish the ice skating quilt this week, and am also planning a Hong Kong quilt for the Australian and New Zealand art quilters journal quilt project!

More Hong Kong photos can be found on my photo blog, which I have resurrected. It will no longer be a 'a photo a day' blog, but will feature series of photos whenever I have the opportunity to go somewhere and try to make some good photos. Do go and have a look!

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