Friday, 25 March 2011

Screen printing

In a stolen hour I managed to do some screen printing. Sally made my St Basil's drawing into a thermofax screen and here is the first print! Isn't it lovely? (the St Basil's fabric is for sale now at Spoonflower, in black and red)

I also did another gymnast, and printed some more Dutch Houses to make postcards for Blue Jacaranda (they all sold after being mentioned in the MadeIt newsletter - I've added some new ones now).

I just love white on black!


Unknown said...

Linda! St Basil turned out beautifully! Thank you for linking back to me.

I just love what you are doing! You have so much energy!



Shirley said...

Hai Linda, meisje wat een succes heb je, zowel met je quilts als ook met je printstoffen, die huizen zijn ook super!

Judy Warner said...

The black on white is absolutely stunning!

Jennie said...

They all look great!