Thursday, 10 March 2011

A heart for Christchurch and more

Yesterday I made this small blue flannel heart for Christchurch. Evie is collecting them for the victims of the terrible earthquake. Since she seems to get a lot of pink hearts I thought I'd make a blue one! All the details are on her blog, if you would like to send one too.

And here is a card for the Recycling swap at the Dutch Fibermail group. I used scraps of fabric from old blue jeans and shirts from my boys, and some coordinating fabric from Reverse Garbage. I still plan on making a quilt with these fabrics (I posted a possible design here - but I think it's too ordered).

The Fibermail group also has a bookmark swap this month. I made this one with some appropriate selvedge words, and an alphabet fabric on the back:

I've also made some selvedge cards for the birthday list:

And finally, here are some ATCs that recently arrived. These two are from Jackie in Canada:

and this one is from Kate here in Brisbane. It took a while, but was worth the wait! ;-)

If you would like to swap an ATC or a fiber postcard, I still have some Dutch Houses cards left (in both sizes). Leave a comment here and I'll get back to you!


Sue Dennis said...

Love the selvege work Linda!

bonnie said...

i am a selvage person and have a few quilts in my mind, love to see how others use them. visited Amsterdam and Maastrict last summer so I love your dutch Houses they definatly have the feeling down!

would like to swap Post cards, maybe it will send out positive energy and we'll travel down under too
Bonnie , Suffolk, va,usa