Friday, 13 August 2010

Postcards and ATCs

I signed up for a birthday card swap at the Dutch Fibermail group. Here is the first card I made for an August birthday - please click to see it enlarged; I am rather happy with how it turned out and may make a quilt one day using this technique!
I'm looking forward very much to receiving 20 fibercards next month for my birthday!

I made this card for relatives in the Netherlands who just had a baby (it's one of my Pictogrammar designs at Spoonflower).

And these ATCs were made from the remnants of the silk paper journal cover. They are so soft!
If you would like to swap an ATC, just leave a comment. I also still have some Dutch Houses ATCs.


Judy Warner said...

Very creative, Linda. And there is that reminder for me that I want to look into the silk paper!

Jantine said...

I did enlarge the first card, what a marvelous idea!
The family card is great too.

Janet said...

I'd love to swap an ATC. BUt please tell me if there are special rules for ATCs as opposed to postcards or cards. I've never actually made an "ATC".

mia said...

Hoi Linda, wat is die kaart leuk door het garen.