Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Four Seasons

The quilt for my mother-in-law is quilted and bound. The sleeve is waiting to be attached while I am thinking about adding beads. Not sure yet.
I would love to hear what you think of this quilt. Do you think she'll like it?
I have called it The Four Seasons because looking from left to right it vaguely reminds me of winter-spring-summer-autumn and it seemed a good name...

Here is a detail and these are all the threads I used in this quilt...


Unknown said...

If she likes purples, pinks and abstracts - definitely!! it's gorgeous! Said hello to your gymnast one at the AQC for you too. :)

Lynn Cohen said...

I don't know your MIL but I can't imagine anyone NOT liking this quilt. I like it!
To bead or not to bead that is the question! It's lovely as is, however, beads will give it more texture and I love texture.

Corryna said...

Ik ben helemaal weg van die mooie lap. Die heb je prachtig geverfd. Als quilt vind ik hem nog wat eenvoudig. Zelf had ik wat satijnsteeklijnen gemaakt, zodat er wat meer verschil is in dikte van de draden. Dan gaat het wat meer leven denk ik. Ik ben heel benieuwd wat je schoonmoeder er van vindt.


A3jana said...

It's already beautiful Linda, but when you put some beads on it....I think it will be more moving?
Even verder in Hollands, sorry! Ík zou er wel wat mooie kraaltjes of pailetten aan toevoegen in de goeie kleuren, ik denk dat het dan nóg levendiger wordt.
Maar dát is míjn mening.

Sandra said...

Hi Linda,

Your quilt looks great, love your quilting and the threads you used fit so well. I visited the OEQC and noticed lots of beads on quilts. I think adding some would look spectacular on this one. Good luck :0)

LuAnn Kessi said... your Four Seasons quilt!
What a perfect name for this beautiful creation!
LuAnn in Oregon

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous colours Linda, I'm sure she will love it. Drifts of beads would add some interesting highlights.
I saw your gymnast quilt at AQC, it looked stunning, really stood out.

Margeeth said...

I like it a lot. Have no idea whether your MIL will like it, depends on the kind of person she is.
I am not sure about the beads, i think the idea Corryna gave (satinstitching) would be better?

Ellen said...

Mooi Linda,prachtige kleuren .

De mozaiek kaart is vandaag op de bus gegaan

Shirley said...

Ik zou er Franse knoopjes tegen aan gooien, en dan ook wat glimmertjes, en of dit nou kraaltjes zijn die als een regenbui over de quilt vallen (en er af en toe aan bungelen) of steentjes, hangt er net van af wat je in huis hebt. Evt. ook transparante of zilveren kraaltjes in de vorm van ijskristallen?