Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Grameldon and my sewing room

I'm very busy at the moment, but nothing I can show here yet - postcards that are on their way to the recipients, selvedge items for the December issue of Down Under Quilts, a quilt that I want to enter in the Queensland Quilt Show - so I will show you a drawing made by my 4 year old son Ernst.

Until quite recently Ernst wasn't interested in drawing/painting/collaging at all, unlike his older brother Hugo (6) who brought home works of art from his child care centre when he was only 1 year old. But in the last few months Ernst has suddenly discovered the joy of drawing. Here is a drawing of a creature called The Grameldon. It is something that Ernst started telling us about a while ago and sounds like a mix of a superhero and a dinosaur - although here it looks a bit cat-like as well ;-). I am thinking we might make a Grameldon-quiltlet...

I tidied up my sewing room this week, so here are a few pics of that too.

The bookcase with my quilting books and magazines, sketchbooks, postcards and ATCs and other things I like looking at (my feather collection, a thread painting made by my friend Mady, a lovely pic of baby Ernst etc).

Here is my fabric collection, in a couple of boxes - not too bad, hmm?

Painting supplies under the ironing board:

And my sewing table looking very tidy indeed!

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Unknown said...

thank you linda, i thought i saw a familiar name highlighted... a new quilting foot, the quilt looks fabulouw. catching up soon. have been very busy just like you..