Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A final posting about the selvedge quilt...

In my haste to show you the finished quilt I completely forgot something in the last posting. I meant to acknowledge all the quilters who sent me selvedges and thus made this quilt possible.

So, a big thank you to:

Pam, Jennifer, Kerrie, Jean and Shaaryn from Australia;

Bernadette, Marleen and Jeanette from Belgium;

and Jelly, Merel, Ariane, Shirley, Marianne, Erika, Jantine, Anita, Lilou, Truus, Petra, Margeeth and Marloes from the Netherlands!

Also many thanks to everyone who commented on the blog or sent me an email. I got lots of suggestions for a name. And this is the one I liked best:


Salvaged Selvedges!

Thank you Anne from Newport who suggested this name. If you let me know your address I will send you a selvedge item!

PS Stay tuned for the next posting, which will appear shortly - I have had great fun playing with some new toys!

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