Friday, 12 June 2009

One more sleep!

Tomorrow we are going to the Netherlands!!! I hope they won't put us in quarantaine when we arrive at Schiphol Airport on Sunday morning - over 1300 cases of human swine flu now in Australia, and we all have a cold! (better not make any grunting noises, I guess)

I have had an earache for several days now, so went to see my GP yesterday who confirmed that I have a middle ear infection - very inconvenient, just before flying to the other side of the world! With antibiotics, painkillers and decongesting nose drops I hope the journey won't be too uncomfortable.

As you will understand, I haven't done anything creative this week, so no new things to show. Instead here are some photos of the place where I grew up, Appingedam. It's a small town in the north of the Netherlands, very old (founded around 1200 AD) and very pretty. The church in the top photo was build in 1237 AD (the tower was rebuild in the 19th century though). We hope to go to Appingedam during our holiday - I haven't got any family left there, but would love to see it again and show my children where I used to live.

I remember skating here when I was a child. Of course it's summer now in Europe and there won't be any snow or ice! It will probably be a little warmer than it is here in Brisbane now - this morning it was 2 degrees in our house when I got up!

I hope I will be able to post a few holiday impressions here. We are taking the laptop and camera with us, so it shouldn't be a problem.


Kate said...

Linda - Goede reis. Those pictures are very pretty!

Thea said...

Have a lovely trip home Linda, despite your cold. I know what it's like to live far away - I did it for a long time. I hope you enjoy wearing your Brisbane Skirt!

Unknown said...

Oh Linda, have so much fun!! Hug family and suck in the environment! and please come back here! Really - just relax and enjoy! Hugz