Monday, 8 June 2009

Shopping and playing

I realised I haven't told you about the Textile Art Festival yet. It was wonderful - I came home suffering from severe visual overload. Jenny Bowker's Collections Quilts were there - probably the most beautiful quilts I have seen so far. Stunning. The My Place Quilts were shown, a wonderful collection of quilts from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, among them the one made by fellow Art Quilts Around the World member Lisette.

I met some people I had so far only encountered on the world wide web, like Dijanne and Sharon, and some I had met IRL before, like Kate and Lisa.

And I bought lots of stuff... Beautiful handdyed fabrics from Lisa's shop, Dyed and Gone to Heaven. Lots of play things from The Thread Studio: rubbing plates, lutradur, Romeo, Starburst Spray... Some Procion dye and Lumiere paint...

And so I played! I used the screen printed pieces of fabric to try the rubbing plates, with a gold Shiva stick. See pic above and the next three photos. I like the violin with those curved shapes. I also like the two gymnasts, might do some more of these (without the rubbings though).

And I dyed some fabric. I love handdyed fabric. Once you have started dyeing your own fabric, commercial fabrics just aren't good enough.

Only 5 days now until we go to the Netherlands!!! We have been collecting Australian souvenirs for friends and family (you know, boomerangs, rain makers, koala cuddly toys etc), but I suddenly thought I could make some myself - bookmarks for my best friend and mother-in-law, made with my favourite Australian fabric:

(the small one was a cut-off and too cute to throw away, so I'll keep it. Don't know what I will do with it but I love it!)

Yesterday we went to South Bank. While the boys played at the playground I checked out the Young Designers Market. There I found Thea and her wonderful husband:

I couldn't resist buying her Brisbane skirt, so I can show it off in Holland! Isn't it brilliant? Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has one too!


Kate said...

Hi Linda - I just LOVE that skirt - is it only available at the market??

Ellen said...

Ik wens jullie een goede vlucht naar nederland.Misschien zien we elkaar nog in de trein ,kom ik jullie kaartjes controleren.

Groetjes Ellen

Dianne said...

The violin piece is my favourite too. Love that skirt. Hope you have a fabulous trip back home. Bon Voyage