Friday, 22 May 2009

Screen printing

As I said in the last posting, I have started a screen printing class at Quilt University with Lyric Kinard. This week I had a go at it (with the screen I bought from Thea at the Stitches and Craft Fair) - and loved it!

The red swirl is my very first attempt, with a newspaper stencil, on some very cheap muslin, with some very cheap children's paint (because the screen printing paint I had ordered more than a week ago hadn't arrived yet - always the same story when I sign up for a painting or dyeing class!) As expected, the print isn't perfect but I loved the process!

Yesterday my Permaset paint arrived and I had another try. I made a freezerpaper stencil featuring a gecko (love them! we always see them at night on our dining room window) and the first print (on PFD fabric) was perfect!

So I printed some more and then ran off to find more fabric - a piece of my handdyed purple:

and a white t-shirt belonging to my 2-year old, Robbie:

I spilled a little fabric on it :-( ... but am sure he'll love it!

I did all this at night, when the boys were in bed, and afterwards I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking of possible designs to print... This is so much fun!!!


Unknown said...

good work, linda x mady

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Love the geckoes! Ik heb een zwak voor die beestjes. Er lopen zoveel geckoes binnen in ons apartement.

Thea said...

The gecko is an excellent design. Great first prints!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on becoming a print junkie. Can you help me, am looking for somewhere in Aust to make me up a screen from a photocopied design - i believe the word 'thermofax' comes into it somewhere. Do you have any idea who might provide this service?