Friday, 29 May 2009

More screen printing

Yesterday I did some more screen printing - it wasn't as succesfull as the first time, but still I had fun, and I really like the gymnast (I used to do gymnastics as a child and now Hugo is doing it too).

I have lots of ideas for t-shirts for the boys and their friends, and maybe myself - with their names, dinosaurs, diggers etc. A bag with a ballet dancer printed on it for a friend's daughter would be nice too... Ernst's birthday is on October 31st; Halloween - what about printing ghosts, pumpkins, witches etc on shirts for all the guests?

I also see lots of possibilities for postcards, but not many yet for quilts, althoug that may come. Today the third lesson in the online class will become available on the Quilt University website, it will be about thermofax printing. Can't wait! I can, again, really recommend this class with Lyric, just like her other one, Playing with Paint. Her surface design dvd is great too, she makes it all sound so easy and so much fun! (and it is!)

On Sunday I am going to the Textile Art Festival here in Brisbane, am really looking forward to that!

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Candy said... sent 31 visitors direct to QGSA website in May with the reference to Rachelle's Persistent Peacock Quilt. It is actually reversible both sides being equally gorgeous. I believe it is entered in the Sydney Show next week. I enjoyed reading your blog as a bonus while checking out the referral.
Thanks Linda
Candy Walker, President, Quilter's Guild of SA Inc.