Monday, 20 April 2009


I'm back from a really awesome (literally awe-inspiring) trip to Cairns and the Torres Strait Islands. There's a long story about the trip on my other blog - it's in Dutch, but the 30 or so photos will help you understand what I did up there.
On this blog I will just give some visual impressions.

Beautiful Cairns (view from the Esplanade):

I spent a lot of time in the air - 8 flights altogether, 4 of them in small aircrafts, where I got to sit next to the pilot and make lots of photos. Awesome.

In the health centre on Boigu Island I saw this whimsical work of art:

Back in Cairns on Saturday these lovely ladies (Robbie, Vi and Wendy) took me under their wings:

First we went to Rusty's Markets - lots of fresh (tropical) fruit and vegies, flowers and other colourful products - a feast for the eyes!

Then we visited 3 (!) quiltshops and I did my bit for the local economy ;-). After that, they dropped me at the Botanical Gardens where I spent my last few hours before going home. I love botanical gardens!

Thanks for all the comments and emails about 'the new quilt'. I don't have the time to answer all of them, but I really appreciate them! I'm trying to switch back to the mode I was in before I left, to finish it, but at the moment I'm still up there with my head in the clouds...

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