Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Work in progress

Inspired by Caity's sketchbook (which she showed me at the 2QAQ meeting the other day) I decided to purchase an A4 sketchbook and make a cover for it. Again I am using the fabric-weaving technique; I have made 3 sets of ATCs this way but am not finished with it yet! I really wanted to make a bigger piece using this technique and this seemed a good project.


For the ATCs I have used Fast-2-Fuse, but here some fusible web product I had in my collection (don't remember what it's called or what I used it for). Now I need a thin wadding and a backing fabric, so I'll have to go shopping, how annoying! ;-)

That will have to wait until next week though, as we are going camping tomorrow until Sunday, in Kilkivan in the South Burnett region.

I also made some more log cabin blocks:


By the way, I guess if I wanted to enter this quilt-to-be in a quilt show, I shouldn't show pictures of it here, not even at this stage? Or is it not possible to enter it once it's finished because of the pics ont his blog??...

And today, I received mail from the USA - the ATCs from the Quiltuniversity class swap!


1 2
3 4

1 is from Suzanne, 2 from Jan and 3 and 4 from our wonderful teacher Chris Pascuzzi!

And last but not least, I have signed up for a quilting retreat at the end of May! A whole weekend to sew, sew and sew some more! Heaven! :-)


Nicole & Phil said...

these are looking great!

Judith said...

Everything is looking beautifull.

Sue said...

Linda - let us know how the camping went and exactly where you went. Love the book cover-to-be.
I can't see any problem with putting up pictures of a WIP even if you plan it to go into a quilt show.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed!

It depends very much on the particular show about having pics on the blog - our local guild show here in Toowoomba has no problems but other bigger guilds might? Also, our show isn't judged - I think if you wanted to enter it into a judged competition the rules might be different.

I'm making ATCs tomorrow - got everything I wanted to work with out and organised today - looking forward to swapping with you!

Corryna said...

Linda, thank you for the ATC. Very lovely. One my blog you can see some cards I made. You can choose one of these if you like. I will make some more ATC's this week.


Corryna said...

Linda, ik ben je adres kwijt... Raar maar waar. Wil je die nog een keer sturen? De kaart stuur ik dan met postzegel op. De ATC's volgen later in een envelop.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love the way the blue green squares seem to flow/float around the piece. Is it just achieved by the shapes of the pieces?

Your log cabin blocks are unique and I like all the different ways you are putting them together.

I did not know there was a rule about not showing your work before it was entered into a jurried show.
Is this so?