Wednesday, 16 April 2008


This week I have started making some postcards, using scraps and fast-2-fuse. Here are the first 4 being made:


(can you see which colours dominate my fabric collection?)

After finishing the first one (in my least favourite colours), I sent it to myself to see if it would stand being handled by Australia Post:


It did:


(I'm still a bit nervous about sending one to Europe, though)

The second one is finished now as well:


(yes, these are my favourite colours/fabrics!)

The book cover is still waiting for batting and backing (I ordered some online). I have started on a cover for an A5 sketchbook as well, using the bits with the name of the fabric on them, that I have collected since I started quilting in 2006. I've ironed them on fusible webbing, like I did with the other cover. Now it too needs batting and backing, and then some heavy quilting:


I like it, what about you? (very suitable for a book, don't you think?)

In other words, I have been enjoying myself immensely!

If you would like to swap postcards, please leave a message or send me an email! (you can find my address by clicking on View my complete profile, on the left) I will definitely make some more - it's as addictive as making ATCs.

The camping trip was very nice, by the way. We went to this campsite - there are some pics on our Dutch blog.

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