Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Magic quilt

I finally got around to hanging Hugo's magic quilt on the wall in his bedroom. I made it for his 4th birthday in February 2007. Technically it is far from perfect (I cringe when I look at the binding now...) but I still love it. The patterns are from the book 'Spellbinding Quilts' by Maaike Bakker (see my quilting library).

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Our house is starting to look very cosy with all these quilts hanging and lying in it! :-)


corry said...

It's a magic quilt alright! I love it! It doesn't matter if the binding is not perfect, it still is a wonderful quilt!

laura said...

Hi Linda,
Kwam via via op jou blog terecht en zag dat je uit nederland kwam.Ik ook dus(zoals je kunt lezen)woon sinds 5 jaar in Australia.Ben jaloers op je stoffen!Be ook verzot op het maken van kleden!Leuk blog...Ben ook pas begonnen met een blog,dus dit blog-mailen is een beetje nieuw voor mij.
Groetjes Laura