Sunday, 18 November 2007


Haven't done much quilting since the retreat- spent my evenings watching The House of Elliott.
We saw the last part yesterday, so I hope to do some sewing this week!
I did make this block for the birthday block list:

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I like it very much; maybe I'll ask this one for my birthday... (still haven't decided on a block). It's the Laced Star from The Quilter's Cache.

The sampler I'm making at the beginners course is almost finished; 2 more classes to go. I'll show it here when it's finished.

I've started to unpick the meridians on the I Spy quilt. I just couldn't live with it. It's a lot of unpicking, but I'm doing it bit by bit, so I won't get frustrated and rip the fabric. Ernst loves it anyway.


Anonymous said...
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laura said...

Hi Linda
I enjoyed the House of Elliott when I first saw it.Love Eileen Atkins.Had a visit to your other blog,nice reading your storys.Reminds me of when we first arived in Australia,Sydney( 5 years ago)I've got 3 children to .
groetjes Laura