Friday, 28 September 2007

I Spy...

I've made a start on the I Spy-quilt for Ernst:

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I want to make 20 or 24 blocks like this, but it'll have to wait for a while, because tomorrow we're going off on holiday to Noosa!

A few lovely ladies have mailed me that they have some I Spy-fabric for me - Shirley and Helen; thanks very much! I really appreciate it!

On October 10th my beginners quilting course at The Quilters Corner starts - I'm looking forward to that. I've more or less taught myself to sew and to quilt until now and I'd like to have some lessons. I also really want to learn to applique - something I haven't dared to try yet.

But first a week without fabric - but with a tent, a beach and 'An Elm Creek Quilts Album'!


Anonymous said...

prettige vakantie!

Anonymous said...

Fijne tent-vakantie Linda!