Friday, 21 September 2007

Birthday presents

From the Dutch birthday lists that I belong to I got a lot of lovely fabrics (all fat quarters):

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A lot of rose fabrics for the queen size quilt I want to make for our bed, some gorgeous blue fabric and some very nice boys' fabric. These last ones come in handy for the I Spy quilt I have decided to make for Ernst's 3rd birthday in October. I found a world map panel for the backing on which we can point out to him where we live now (Brisbane) and where we come from (The Netherlands). I have done some cutting for the I Spy quilt last week and ordered an I Spy charm pack from an online store, so I should be able to start sewing soon.

DH gave me a dvd as a birthday present: part 2 of the series The House of Elliott . I got part 1 last year and spent some delightful hours watching it with my newborn baby in my arms (Koen was born 3 days before my birthday; he just turned 1!). Don't you just love that series!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
You sure have wonderful friends! The "birthday" fabrics look great. I too love "The House of Elliott" and will be giving huge hints to my family for the dvd set for Xmas!!
The "Map of the World" sounds a great idea for the quilt back! I can help with "I Spy" fabrics if you are short!
Have you made the "Bow Bag" yet? I have just made the "Frilly Bag" - it's so easy and looks great!
Happy Quilting!

Linda Robertus said...

Hi Helen,
It would be great if you could help with the "I spy" fabrics, thanks!
And no, I haven't made the Bow Bag yet, but bought some lovely daisies fabric for it... Hope to make it soon, it's next on my bag-list!