Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Highs and lows

My brother-in-law's girlfriend made this photo when we were on Straddie - isn't it brilliant? (click to enlarge)

They left to fly back to the Netherlands yesterday. Yesterday was also my oldest son Hugo's 7th birthday. So after a very busy day I finally settled down to start on Dijanne Cevaal's lino-cutting class. I think you can guess what happened! (don't click to enlarge if you're a bit squeamish ;-))

I did have fun before the mishap and will try again tonight!


Lynn said...

Omigod that is a lot of blood! Hope you are out of pain!

Happy Birthday Hugo!!!! Seven is so old!!!!

Yes, great kite flying photo!

Lynn said...

Oh, I just enlarged the kite flying photo. What a memory for that child! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wont' enlarge the blood shot, no, thank you.

A3jana said...

AU!!!! That hurts!!?? A great foto of the kite flyers!
The other one.....yes, what can I say? Was it your fingers or in de hand? It always give much blood but than it seems wors than it really is!? I hope so for you and I wish you more luck the next time.

JenMeister said...

Ouch! I love the patterns you've made in the lino. Simple but beautiful. Some of them could almost be big stitches in fabric. I bought some lino and a simple set of cutters with a gift certificate months ago... and haven't had the guts to cut into mine yet! Last but not least, the first photo is breathtaking - I'm much older than 7, but would love a kite like that!

Sally Westcott said...

Ouch! I did the same thing but didn't keep the evidence!

I do hope you are still having fun!


The holidaying librarian said...

love the kite! :-)

Chris said...

Ouch! Hope you heal quickly. I love that photo. What a fabulous kite.

aykayem said...

ouch! ... but you didn't post a photo of your finger (or whatever it was the blood came from) - LOL
(yes, I looked at the full size photo ... but - I am the person who posts photos of half disected cow's eyeballs on my blog ;-)