Friday, 12 February 2010


The paint is all wrong (not an opaque one) but the print is so good, don't you think? This is definitely my Ernst (5)! Lino print on paper (above) and fabric (below):

And here is the lino cutting:

I hope to do some more prints soon (not now, have to go, unfortunately) with another paint, but had to show these to you!


Unknown said...

Oh Wow!!!!!!!

Ernst is brilliant! So simple but so effective! A bit like my Tiger - less says more!

Well done Linda - you're hooked!

I've discovered for larger linos I lay the fabric over the lino and rub very carefully with my hands. The paint seems to transfer better! That is how I did my Koi (12" x 12")


Lynn Cohen said...

You have gotten very good at this!
Now do you sew around the lino cuts?

PAMELA said...

What a great lino sketch! The image printed so well - I look forward to seeing your next prints too.

Pamela P in Sydney

Unknown said...

beautiful linda- i love it!

Marie-Thérèse said...

Hi Linda, you are a real artist. This lino is very good :o)

A3jana said...

Oh Linda, what a beautiful one is this!!

prashant said...
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