Thursday, 16 February 2017

New pattern: Mercator Messenger Bag

I'm happy to introduce my latest pattern: the Mercator Messenger Bag!

A roomy bag, large enough for documents, books or magazines, with handy pockets for small things such as keys, sunglasses, passport...

I decided to cut up this (Pacific-centred) world map panel for the bag. It has been in my stash for years, waiting to be used in a quilt for my youngest son. I used one for the back of an I Spy quilt for my middle son in 2007, and another one in 2009 for the back of the Aussie quilt for my eldest son. We have a world map hanging on the wall now, so it isn't a big deal ;-)

I sewed the bag together with pink Aurifil thread (no.2440) - it matches the lining fabric and nicely contrasts with the main fabric:

I named the bag after Gerardus Mercator, the Flemish cartographer who in 1569 created the world map projection that made navigation much easier. It became the standard projection for centuries, but has in recent years fallen from grace because of the serious distortion issues (you can read more about this interesting subject here).

The pattern is now available in my pattern store on Etsy.

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