Monday, 14 November 2016

Lone Star Quilt

With everything that has been happening I had forgotten all about my Lone Star Quilt being featured as a project in the current issue of Down Under Quilts. It's even made it onto the cover - although I much prefer the photo on the project page.

The quilt itself is now in storage (as is the magazine) - we won't need it in the coming weeks as it is rapidly warming up here in Brisbane, and we only brought the most essential stuff with us to this one-room apartment. Yes, the five of us live and sleep in this room! (well, four at the moment - hubby is in Europe for two weeks) At night the chair is moved aside and more mattresses come out from under the beds...

I'm glad we brought the Big Cushions I made for the boys earlier this year - they are so useful, and decorative as well! :-)

After all the stress of the last few weeks, things have begun to settle down a bit now, and I am enjoying a few quiet days until hubby comes back next week and the next challenge starts: finding a house in Sydney! I am going down to visit the Modern Quilt Show Australia which will be on in Sydney from 25 until 27 November (because one of my quilts has been selected!) and hope to look at some houses then as well. To be continued!

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