Saturday, 22 October 2016

Summer knitting projects

In 10 days we move to very small temporary lodgings, so I have started packing. My sewing room is full of boxes and most of my fabric stash is already packed, so no more sewing or quilting for me this year... boohoo! It will all go in storage until we have found a place to live in Sydney and moved there, which we hope will be in mid-December, when the boys have finished school here in Brisbane.

So knitting it is now - the Tumbling Blocks baby blanket is halfway finished (it's rather time-consuming), and I have also started another project: a summer scarf. Spring has sprung here and temperatures are rising, so no more beanies or wrist warmers, but an airy cotton scarf to use on summer nights. I found the pattern here and decided to make it in my favourite colour, turquoise:

My BFF in the Netherlands sent me a gorgeous belated birthday present: this beautiful yarn bowl.

I absolutely love it, and am glad that I will have something of my own in our temporary living space that will make me feel happy whenever I look at it!


Robbie said...

I really like the Tumbling Block blanket. It's a tad different and I like that!!! Looks like little pompoms...I've only seen it with the regular tumbling blocks. Very nicely done!

Trillian As said...

You are moving to Sydney? I hope you will like it. Beautiful knitting.