Thursday, 24 March 2016

Big Dragon Cushion

When my middle son Ernst saw the big Doctor Who Cushion I made for his brother, he asked if I could make one for him as well - with dragon fabrics (he is a dragon lover - you may remember the dragon quilt I made that he designed). Of course I was happy to oblige. I bought some oriental-looking dragon fabrics at the Stitches and Craft Show last week and got to work.

As the dragons were all different sizes, I decided to cut them out and appliqué them to a quilted black background fabric:

As always, I used Aurifil threads for piecing and quilting.

For the back of the cushion cover I used our two favourite fabrics:

I finished the cushion last night and gave it to Ernst. He loved it and didn't let go of it for the rest of the evening! So nice when your work is appreciated :-).

Here's some of Ernst's work - at his art class the other day he had to draw hot air balloons. Of course he designed a dragon balloon!

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Love love love the drawing of the hot air balloons; the dragon and the Pac-Man are the Absolute Best !~! The cushion is magnificent too. Well done with the design, I love it too.