Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Gymnastics and quilts

This past weekend was filled with two of my favourite things: gymnastics and quilts. My eldest son competed both days in the Senior State Championships and when we weren't at the competition venue I was busy piecing this quilt top:

Yesterday I quilted it and today I hand-sewed the binding on. Very happy with this very green quilt! It was the first time I gave equilateral triangles a go, but it won't be the last time, I think.

Hugo did very well at States:

He came second on pommel horse, third on parallel bars, fifth on rings, sixth on high bar and fifth overall, earning a place on the team that will represent Queensland at the Australian Gymnastics Championships in May. Yay, we are going to Melbourne again!

But first I am going to New Zealand - tomorrow! I am going to visit my BFF who is living there for a year with her family. Coming back on Monday night. So looking forward to this trip!

Here are a few videos of Hugo at the State Championships. All these routines are compulsory and have a maximum score of 11 (except vault, where the maximum score is 10). This is his parallel bars routine on day 2 - score 10.7!

High bar on day 1, score 9.75:

Rings day 2, score 10.1:

And buck, score 10.2 (boys in Level 7 Under 12 do pommel on day 1 and buck on day 2. His score on day 1 was 9.8).

The boys also compete on floor and vault. Hugo's scores on these apparatus are always a bit lower because he has very rigid shoulders and upper spine, so he isn't a very good tumbler. This is his vault on day 1 - score 8.95

His floor routines weren't very good at States, so I'll share his routine from the Regional Championships, two weeks earlier. That one was quite exceptional for him; score 9.25.

So proud of my beautiful gymnast :-)

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