Sunday, 21 September 2014

Fly Away

May I present my most recent art quilt: Fly Away!

Inspired by a photo of my eldest son Hugo (11), taken at the Australian Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne in May 2014 by one of the talented photographers of WinkiPop Media, who kindly gave me permission to use it as the starting point for this quilt (see the original photo here - scroll down a bit)

This is the largest art quilt I have made so far - it measures 95 x 131cm (37 x 51.5 inch). I am proud to say that the quilt was selected as a finalist in the Fiber Arts 2014 exhibit at the Infinity Art Gallery. It will be exhibited at the Queensland Quilt Show in Brisbane from 8-12 October 2014.

As you can see it it is quilted very densely, which was quite a struggle on my small machine! In another blog posting I will show a bit more about 'the making of'' this quilt.

Here is Hugo with his quilt:

And here is his rings routine at the National Championships, where the photo was taken. His score here was 9.033 - a month later at the State Club Championships he scored 10.55 points on this apparatus!

So proud of my boy :-)


Christina said...

What a fabulous story! Congratulations to your son! The quilt is lovely.

Mary Ritter said...

What a lovely memoir of your son's special feats! I like to densely quilt my quilts also, so your work appeals to me. The texture, to me, finishes it off.

Congratulations on the acceptance!

Christine said...

What a wonderful story and a great quilt. Congratulations on being juried into the show!

Susan Walen said...

What a wonderful routine he's got. That video had me at the edge of my seat. You SHOULD be proud of that one.
The quilt is dramatic, just like the performance.
Bravo to both!