Saturday, 21 December 2013

Poinciana Seed Pod

Yesterday was a productive day: I played tennis, finished a book (Watching You by Michael Robotham - have read all his books in the last few weeks and loved them) and made this small quilt, my submission for the SAQA 2014 Anniversary Trunk Show (and all this while it's school holidays!).
I have used a Poinciana seed pod as a stamp before, to make fabric cards, and have wanted to use it in an art quilt ever since.

Here's a detail pic. I like the combination of the organic shape of the seed pod and the straight background quilting. What do you think?

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Charlotte Scott said...

I was wondering how you made this. Hadn't reLised it was a stamp. For some reason it sort of looked like long stitch embroidery in the pic. It's lovely!